How to Learn UI UX Design: Beginner’s Guide for 2023

The term “user experience” (or UX) describes the interaction a person has with a product or service. We’ve only listed a handful of tools here—there are dozens if not hundreds more out there. To start your education with UX tools, we recommend consulting designer-curated lists. Joanna Ngai, a UX designer at Microsoft, shares her favorites in this comprehensive list of UX design tools. Learning the tools of the trade goes hand-in-hand with mastering the most important UX methods and processes.

how to learn UX/UI designer

Telecommuting was an option but those jobs were hard to come by and most employers would run for the hills at the mention of a “remote position”. I was blown away by the elegance of the interface and I knew that I wanted to design similar interfaces. I wanted to build interfaces that delighted people and made their lives easier. That’s when I began my long journey to becoming a professional UI designer. With the explosion of mobile apps, commoditization of hardware, interest in mobile UI design, and a consistent need for innovative desktop apps, demand for UI designers is at an all-time high. The most important thing I’ve learned to become a great UI designer is build a deep understanding of the customer.

Stay up to date on the latest UI/UX trends.

Next we build the prototype, which is our more refined mockup for the website or app. Wireframing is a quick way to get a better idea of your website or application visually. I recommend you try it for your next project to help you plan how it might function and look. In our example, we build out the home page design wireframe section-by-section.

how to learn UX/UI designer

Over 22 hours of video lessons, filled with strategies and live examples covering all major areas of user experience design. All in all, designing a great user experience is still a strangely difficult task. Collaborate closely with developers and engineers to ensure that your design is implemented accurately and efficiently. Provide the development team with the necessary design assets, specifications, and documentation to guide their work. User research helps you make informed design decisions based on real user data rather than assumptions or personal preferences.

Get your hands dirty with some projects

When designed well, IA helps users find the information they’re looking for or complete their task. UX designers can facilitate this by making it easy for users to understand where they are, where they need to go, and what’s next. Conducting the right type of user research for the product or feature you’re designing can empower you to make a product even better.

This process of testing, gathering feedback, and refining your design may go through several cycles until you achieve a highly usable and intuitive user experience. Wireframing is the process of creating low-fidelity, visual representations of your digital product’s interface. These wireframes act as blueprints or sketches that outline the layout, placement of elements, and basic functionality. They provide a visual representation of how different components and screens will be organized and interact with each other. User research (or UX research) is a critical first step in the UX design process.



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