10 Best Billable Hours Tracking Apps Review and Pricing

billing hours

It means never letting a meeting run over 30 minutes, never leaving work early for an appointment. And in the end, the result isn’t just 1,892 billable hours—it’s 2,480 hours at work. If you spend four hours balancing a client’s books, and you’re paid by the hour, you have four billable hours.

billing hours

If you’re keeping track all your time, not just your billable hours, you’ll be able to look back at your work day and see where you can become more efficient. Or, if you’re spending a lot of time invoicing, you may want to invest in accounting software that allows you to automate the invoicing process. A law firm might use practice management software that includes built-in time-tracking software. Accounting software like FreshBooks also includes time-tracking features.

What Are Billable Hours? Time Tracking Tips To Get You Paid

If you track time as it happens, you won’t overlook any billable time. This helps companies track billable hours as effectively and accurately as possible without losing time spend on time tracking. And while there are several software available today, Time Doctor is the best tool for tracking and calculating billable hours. It offers advanced time tracking features for efficient and effortless payroll management. Companies with lots of moving parts can benefit from the insights achieved through Saviom, a resource management and workforce planning software.

Not only does it make tracking time a lot easier, but it also can be eye-opening when you realize how much time you haven’t been billing. Not only does Jane need to track her hours for each of her clients, but she also needs to track her job or project so that the correct billing rate will be used. If you offer only one service, it’s easy to set your rates, but if you offer multiple services, chances are that you’ll have multiple rates. Advertising and public relations agencies traditionally charged their clients by the hour, but many have now moved to a flat-rate billing system. If you’re working as a freelance public relations rep, you’ll probably still bill your clients by the hour.

What are non-billable hours?

To ensure that you track your billable hours effectively, you have to follow a specific, streamlined process. Only a select few industries actually have requirements for billable hours. Within the legal profession, for example, attorneys are required to complete a set number of billable hours each week. After all, your time is valuable, and every minute billing hours spent on billable hours will help you scale and increase your business’ profitability. Recording your billable hours by the project will help you keep track of all your clients and the projects for each of them. After you’ve decided on your choice of hourly billing practice, you can adjust your time tracking system to align with your billing cycle.

billing hours

Whether you’re using accounting software, time and billing software, or recording your time using a spreadsheet, follow our quick guide to start tracking your billable hours properly. Because developing a manual time log can be cumbersome, you can also track your billable hours digitally. If you use a cloud-based accounting solution, you can easily track your billable hours using its time-tracking feature. You’ll simply have to start the digital timer in your accounting software and assign the time to the relevant client. Before you start tracking your billable hours, you first have to determine the hourly rate you’ll charge clients for your work.

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After you decide on your hourly rate, you’ll have to decide on when the invoicing will take place. Invoicing schedules can vary based on the type and size of business. To maximize on an attorney’s billable hours, some law practices resort to increasing their overall work hours to upwards of 70 or 80 hours per week. A billable hours quota of over 2,000 hours per annum is not unheard of. Keeping track of what’s billable and what’s not while working can be a struggle.

billing hours

Record your billable hours by project, so you know what client you’ll invoice for the work you’re completing. It will also help you track how much time you’re spending on each client’s project per billing cycle. As a small law attorney, you are likely juggling many of the tasks mentioned above. With fewer paralegals, assistants, and outsourced marketing teams, you’re likely handling client meetings, legal research, administrative tasks, and more. If you’re just starting out, it may feel daunting to distinguish between billable versus nonbillable hours. It is a simple table to help you quickly calculate how many increments of an hour to charge, based on how long you worked.

Never miss a billable hour again. Get your business in order with Time Analytics.

The following are five of the industries that most need to track billable hours. At the end of each billing cycle or when you complete a client’s project, review your time log and calculate your total https://www.bookstime.com/articles/what-is-fixed-cost billable hours for the project. Professionals can’t bill their employers or clients for all the time you spend on the project, but tracking non-billable hours is as important as billable ones.

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  • Once you’ve decided the rates for your professional services, you have to determine when you want to issue invoices.
  • This timesheet tracking solution allows you to track productivity, working hour expenses and generate reports quickly.
  • Don’t forget to allocate the task to a project before you start the time entry – you can do this using the “select a project” drop-down.
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  • Time is money—especially when it comes to how many billable hours in a year an attorney can accumulate.



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